Analyze. Utilize. Profitize.
Are You Missing Out On Hidden Profits By Not FULLY Understanding Your Google Analytics?
It’s not about TRAFFIC on a website… It’s about getting the RIGHT TRAFFIC!
It’s not WHY people exit a website…
It’s about WHERE people leave yours!
It’s not about IF people find you…
It’s about how YOU get them there!
Google Analytics is free. Less than 50% of people who have it, use it! Only 10% of people know how to impactfully use it for their business?


Why Are So Many Business People Not
Checking Their Google Analytics?
Because they don’t understand what they are looking at, what it means, and why it’s important to their business!

• What Is A Bounce Rate? What Does It Mean?
• What Is The Difference Between Users & Sessions?
• Are People Really Only Looking At 2 Pages?
• How Do I Get More People To Spend More Time On My Site?
• What Is That Spike In Traffic And Why Did It Happen?
• How Are People Getting To My Website?
• Is My Paid Advertising Really Working?
This is just the tip of the iceburg.
There is so much data that you want to dig into like…

• Where Do People Enter My Website?
• Where Do They Leave?
• Is Social Media Really Paying Off For My Business?
• Could I… Or Should I Do More?
• Is My Paid Advertising Really Creating ROI?

Here Is What You Will Learn With This Complete Google Analytics Secrets
8+ Videos & Checklists Bundle…
Sample Content












Google Analytics Secrets Helps You Make More Money By Increasing Website Conversions


Once You Understand The Power Of What Google Analytics Is Trying To Tell You…

You can start to understand how people are getting to and utilizing your website(s), and then start to take action. Conversions are how people purchase when they get to your web pages. This course will explain how you can use this in simple and easy to understand steps.

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Complete Training Program For Proven Profit Strategies
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Do I Get Immediate Access To The Class?

Yes! You will get an email where you register for the class. Then you have a username and password to access again in the future. We even suggest in the class to revisit this class every 3 months to help you continue to learn and grow what you can do with Google Analytics.

How Long Do I Have Access To The Class?

You have access for a lifetime (or as long as the internet is in existence!).

You can share this class with people in your organization, but please don’t share with others!

What Is Included?

You have access to 8 short training videos and 8 worksheet/checklists. These help you to review what you have learned, and start to make an action plan on how you can start to improve and grow your business.

Also included, is a Bonus Video on Google Search Console. This helps you understand how people are searching to get to your website!

What Are The Modules or Sessions?

1) Analytics Basics
2) Audience
3) Behavior
4) Acquisition
5) Conversions
6) Google Spam
7) Winning Priciples
8) Final Thoughts
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